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 +FIXME **This page is not fully translated, yet. Please help completing the translation.**\\ //(remove this paragraph once the translation is finished)//
 +====== Creating worlds with PUCK ======
 +**PUCK** (Playable Universe Construction Kit) is a graphical development tool that can be used to create interactive worlds to be played with the **Aetheria Game Engine**. These worlds can be used to play text adventures, MUDs or single- and multiplayer role-playing games.
 +In the following sections, we will explain in detail how PUCK can be used to create a full game. We will start with a [[creacion_de_mundos_con_puck|summary]] that will give us a general idea of what we'll need to do, and then we will specifically address each of the stages of world creation.
 +Here you can see a sample adventure in PUCK:
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