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Interpreter programmers help

If you are an adventure game creator this section is not for you. It is here to allow the interpreter programmers to have a test set for Superglus.

There is a demo file that contains a sample glulx game file generated by Superglus (what in the end means it has been generated by Glulxa, the Glulx assembler).

The demo uses a very rudimentary english library due to the absence of a proper one (at the moment only a complete spanish library has been developed), so don't expect a great parser.

Anyway, the target of this file is to allow the interpreter programmers to have a test file where to check Superglus compatibility.

You can find the file here:

You can contact the Superglus mantainer , in case you think is Superglus who has a bug and not your interpreter on some case.

Interpreters known to have passed Superglus compatibility test
Interpreters known to have failed Superglus test
  • Zag 1.06. Last Zag version implements an old version of Glk Implementation, so the demo fails playing Ogg Vorbis files (it just does nothing, what is at least a good behaviour). But Zag also fails at generating soundnotify events properly, meaning some Superglus condacts like ISSOUND or ISMUSIC will fail.
  • Zoom Zoom fails at the start, apparently unable to pass over the “press any key” action at the beginning. I cannot know what's exactly the problem as I don't have a Mac myself. Once removed that request it apparently works (but without sound, Zoom doesn't support Glulx sound at the moment).

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