Drácula, part 2, The Arrival

Tag: 2006, Mapache y El Clérigo Urbatain, Otros, Glulx
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An eventful coach journey ultimately brings our young man to the castle.
After a night or two and some long discussions with the Count, he realises
that not only is he a prisoner, but also his life is in danger! Escape
becomes his one obsession. Should he succeed he vows to write to his
friend in England to warn of his discoveries. The castle holds terrors
which are best not talked about...
Dracula, part 2: The Arrival. Is a remake of the original game Dracula: The
Arrival (c) CRL 1986, by Rod Pike. Translated to spanish and remake
by (c) 2006 Mapache and El Clérigo Urbatain to informATE! biplatform.

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